If anyone wants to add any items, please do so the day before

0. Opening

Meeting opened by Benjamin at 7:40 PM.

Attendance Present: Benjamin, Nick, James, Peter Apologies: Margaret, Paul, Michel Absent: x

1. Confirmation of Previous Minutes.

MOTION: Proposed by Benjamin and Seconded by James. Passed? Yes. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XrLvyw5P3shgLbFrcOKC5AFe5fmyahF0ChZWLX_9wWY

2. Reports & Standing Items.

  • Financial Situation as of 2019-04-15 (Peter)
    • Cash box

      • $369.35 current, $252.55 start of year ($252.55 start 2018)
    • Debit card(old)

      • $40.86 current, $40.86 start of year ($40.86 start 2018)
    • Load&Go(new)

      • $35.45 current, $27.89 start of year ($161.21 start 2018)
    • Bank Balance

      • $2536.79 current, $2850.34 start of year ($3469.95 start 2018)
    • Total Moneys

      • $2982.45 (was $3309.34 start of year) ($3924.57 start 2018)
    • Income

      • $0.00 this month, $70.00 last, $155.00 this year
    • Expense

      • $72.66 this month, $102.85 last, $435.89 this year
    • Profit(Loss)

      • $(72.66) this month, (32.85) last, (280.89) this year.
    • Outstanding Payment Claims:

      • $8.28 owing to Margaret for Food at Monthly Meeting Unbanked Receipts:
      • $20 donations at 2019-04-09 meeting

-Moved to new business-

  • Membership Situation as of 2019-04-16 (Paul)
    • 0 renewals/new in April $0
    • 1 renewals/new in March $20
    • 3 renewals/new in February $40
    • 1 renewals/new in January $20
    • 26 Current Paid Members, previous month was 26
    • 296 Expired Members, previous month was 296
    • 359 Members on meetup.com, previous month 347
    • 854 Visitors on meetup.com in April (as of today 16/04) 2019
    • 1933 Visitors on meetup.com in March (*revised since last meeting) 2019
    • 1060 Visitors on meetup.com in February 2019
    • 619 Visitors on meetup.com in January 2019

3. Events:

Paul: Meeting and Google calendar is updated.

  • March 2019.

    • 2019-03-12 James Henstridge - Ubuntu Core.
    • Any feedback for James Henstridge’s talk?
      • It was about 19 people attending which is very good for the start of the year. Paul: I emailed Amandine about the room temperature and space problem. Sounds on AV will have to be sorted for next time, instead of camera mic. AV prep: thank you Paddy and Laz!
    • 2019-03-25 PLUG-in-the-Pub: Durty Nellie’s, CBD.
      • Feedback? (NB thought it was great, JH says it was fine)
  • April 2019.

    • Second Sunday Regular PLUG + POSH Hack Day
    • 2019-04-09 Greg Orange - Open Summit.
      • Feedback? Get slides?
  • May 2019.

    • Second Sunday Regular PLUG + POSH Hack Day

    • 2019-05-14: Raspberry Pi Jam/demos? Michel Officeworks email to follow up.

      • Also bring your laptop/games?
      • TODO: Ben to follow up?
      • NB says promote it, make it biggest event of the year, get sponsorship if possible
        • BA to purchase a raspberry pi kit to bring
        • Bring network switches, need an Access Point
        • BA to purchase 4 microSD (as they need spares) preloaded with noobs
        • Encourage others to bring their own Raspberry Pis
        • Perhaps a prize of a Pi?
      • $100 budget for food and drink?
        • Get Subway, order platters at least 2 days before event.
        • ACTION: Peter to order 2019-05-12
        • ACTION: Someone to pick it up on the day
        • ACTION: Nick: NAT wifi AP
        • ACTION: Nick: Pimoroni radio to autoconnect
        • ACTION: Nick: 2x monitor+keyboard
    • ACTION: Planning & promotion.

    • Quartermaster for this specific event

    • At least once a week until this event, all PLUG committee to drum up discussion on the lists

    • 2019-05-27?: PLUG-in-the-pub - location?

  • June 2019.

    • Second Sunday Regular PLUG + POSH Hack Day
    • 2019-06-11 Benjamin’s Linux & Open Source LAN Party
      • Need list of games, will have HDD with copies of games?
      • List of games needed? Sauerbraten, Nexuiz, 0 A.D., Fractured Space? Tuxracer/kart/Supertux, BZflag
      • Steam games for Linux?
        • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes?
        • Jackbox games?
  • July 2019.

    • Second Sunday Regular PLUG + POSH Hack Day
    • Talk by Benjamin on MooseFS + The Elastic NAS
    • 2019-07-22 PLUG in the Pub
    • If nothing leave for next meeting.
  • August/September 2019.

    • Benjamin to talk to Martin Dougiamas
    • Installfest? USB drives?
    • 2019-09-23 PLUG-in-the-Pub @ Pirate Bar

4. General Business and Matters Arising.

Constitution changes. Peter got an email from the Government saying our Special Resolution application has been received and is being reviewed.

P.O. Box has expired, we chose not to renew it.

  • ACTION (urgent): Update PLUG addresses: TO: PLUG Treasurer/President as appropriate (President: X) (Treasurer: X) Paul to call Bendigobank.com.au DMIRS.wa.gov.au / Dept of Commerce acnc.gov.au Margaret will check ASIC.gov.au Paul to follow up ato.gov.au
  • nginx + Apache2 site configs for UGMM PLUG Incorporation number: A1007186U PLUG ABN: 58 233 849 580 PLUG’s IANA PEN: 37966

Interest bearing accounts. Someone to follow up? Still TODO

Sponsorship Agreement. Paul: I have called and emailed Committee /Amandine from Spacecubed and waiting on reply.

ACTION: Peter 2018/2019 financial report on website .ODP Stil TODO? Follow up next meeting

–end of old business, new business below–

5. New General Business.

Tender for UGMM work was accepted, awaiting invoice from Alastair.

If we receive $150 invoice, pay it immediately? (Agreed as part of tender) Original RFT2019-01 tender: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B-YIsCShAmE6GRC8DXavo6-UtSbZTOROL1NBeSzHlk8/edit

MOTION: Proposed by Benjamin. Seconded by James. Extend a work order to Alastair for $100 inc. GST to cover the 3 tasks listed below:

  • Fix all errors/warnings
  • Integrate handy LDAP testing scripts/data
  • Make nginx + Apache2 site configs and make them optional dependencies for the package.

Work order would be contingent on testing on PLUG’s test server + acceptance of pull request.

Peter abstains, Nick abstains Benjamin votes for, James votes for

Motion passed. (Benjamin has offered to cover the cost of the work order in the event that the motion is later rescinded.)

ACTION: JamesH, Benjamin & Nick to merge the final pull request/comments

Work continues on PLUG Services migration - Mail only main remaining piece other than UGMM. Mail still a big job.

AWS credits - purchase them off eBay at a discount

HackMD, does it suck?

  • Makes it possible to put minutes on the website immediately
  • James likes it
  • Benjamin loves it
  • Nick likes it, but self-hosting it as codimd - even better
  • Can upload old minutes via pandoc (to HTML or Markdown)
  • Ben proposes using HackMD (or CodiMD) until decided otherwise. Seconded by James
  • Peter: So far so good but would like to think about it.

MOTION: Add $150 to PLUG Load&Go card Proposed: Peter Seconded: Benjamin Passed without dissent.

Nick reminds us to check in visibly on the mailing lists at least every 7 days until JAM. Let’s make it a great one.

6. Next committee meeting

Tuesday 2019-05-21

Meeting closed by Benjamin at 9:00 PM.