PLUG - Guide for Speakers


This guide assumes the speaker will bring their own laptop - if this is not the case please cntact the committee

  • The projector at Spacecubed requires HDMI input.
  • PLUG provides microphone(s) and camera which feed into a PLUG laptop.


PLUG uses BigBlueButton to stream its meetings, and to record them. The recording is later edited and will be available on YouTube For more information on the features of BigBlueButton see:

Initialising BigBlueButton

  1. The owner of the BBB room starts the meeting.

  2. The speaker then joins the meeting.

  3. The owner makes the speaker presenter.

  4. The speaker can now upload slides.

    Import Slides 1

    Import Slides 2

    • BBB can import slides from many different formats
    • It converts them to PDF, so special effects like Powerpoint animations will be lost.
  5. The room owner makes the person who is going to do the introduction presenter.

Opening the meeting

The Standard PLUG intro slides need to be loaded into BigBlueButton

  • this can be done
    • after step 1 by the room owner.
    • after step 5 by the person doing the introduction

After the introduction the speaker must be made presenter again

Giving the Presentation

For best effect:

  • Hide chat

    Hide Chat

  • Hide users

    Hide Users

  • Make Full Screen

    Make Full Screen

  • Now start recording

The presenter can:

  • display the slides which have been uploaded

    Display Slides

    Slide Controls

  • add annotation to slides

    Whiteboard Tools

  • share own screen to do a demo

    Share Screen

  • play a (Youtube) video (untested)

    Play Youtube

    • N.B. This has never been done so there is a possibility it won’t record well
  • write/draw on whiteboard (second slide in default slides)

Question Time

  • Exit Full Screen, unhide users and restore Public Chat so that anyone following online is shown.
  • Any questioners should use a microphone
    • There will usually be a second microphone available for this
  • If people are following the talk online they may submit questions via BBB chat. The question needs to be repeated aloud into the microphone.

Finishing Up

  • Stop the recording
  • Close the meeting in BBB - this will save everything, which takes some time