PLUG is looking for a new Logo.

We have entries so far from Peter Taekema (Great Southern Computer Services- ) and Jason Nicholls. Both have earned themselves a year’s membership to PLUG (which is worth double as of 1 July 2011!).

One of the desired features of our new logo is to have it in SVG (vector) format if possible, so if anyone wants to have a play with any of the submitted entries (or indeed a fresh entry) then you will still be eligible for the free membership (or renewal). For those interested, there is an SVG version of Tux at The GIMP original of Peter’s .png files is available on request (about 18mb) if anyone wants it.

Deadline for fresh entries was Friday 1 July 2011.

Peter Entries:

Jason Nicholls entry:

(1st attempt, basic text and colour. Vertical format also available)

(2nd attempt incorporating sWAn from Peter)