Perth Linux Users Group - Annual General Meeting 2020 - Minutes

  • Our venue has been provided by
    • Located at 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 on Tuesday 11th February 2020 at 7:00 PM.


  1. Opening. Starting 7:12 PM by Benjamin.
  • The attendance is Nick, Margaret, Peter, Alastair, Lawrence, Paul, Patrick, Benjamin, James.
  • Apologies from Niall and Michel.
  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM.
  • Date: 2018 should read as 2019.
  • List quorum correctly for 31 members. (5.567…)
  • Margaret moves that the minutes are accepted, seconded by Alastair.
    • 8 Yes and 1 Abstained.
  1. Committee Reports. (Including accounts)

    1. President’s Address.
      • Three major goals AV, Infrastructure and Admin.
    2. Treasurer’s Report.
      • Presented:
      • MOTION: Nick moves that the summary financial report figures be added to the minutes of the 2019 AGM and 2020 AGM, Margaret to second. 7 Yes 1 No and 1 Abstained.
      • Edited to add, post-AGM:
        Position at the end of: 2018 2019
        Current Assets $3313.34 $2801.48
        Current Liabilities $0.00 $24.61
        Revenue $677.00 $1005.10
        Expenditure $1288.33 $1441.27
        Net Outgoings ($611.23) ($436.17)
    3. Secretary Report.
      • Verbal only.
  2. Election of 2020 Committee.

  • The Nominations are-
    • Chairperson:
      • Benjamin.
      • Nick. (Withdrawn)
  • Vice Chairperson:
    • Benjamin (No longer eligible due to election)
    • Nick
    • Paul (Withdrawn)
  • Treasurer:
    • Peter
    • Nick (No longer eligible due to election)
    • Paul (Withdrawn)
  • Secretary:
    • Nick Bannon (No longer eligible due to election)
    • Paul A.
  • OCM:
    • Benjamin (No longer eligible due to election)
    • Nick (No longer eligible due to election)
    • Paul Del (No longer eligible due to election)
    • Margaret Wood.
    • Peter (No longer eligible due to election)
    • Michel Nzikou.
    • James Henstridge.
  1. General Business.
  • Peter suggests treasurer’s documentation is collated and centralised.
  • Margaret would like to check value for money on
  • Once we reduce hosting costs we could redistribute funds.
  • Alastair asked if we had a marketing budget. (We currently don’t)
  • We can apply for grant money with Linux Australia. 4.1 Other Business.
  • Alastair suggests other channels to get new members universities, high school computing, related companies like Pawsey and related professional associations.
  • Lawrence mentioned sponsorship ideas and also the places Alastair mentioned above.
  • Patrick mentioned raspberry pi jam event.
  • Benjamin’s speech about the future.
    • Get PLUG’s services infractructure sorted first.
    • Secondly sort out our AV setup.
    • Thirdly is to provide more value to members ie shells, email, irc, git, usb, stick, pi zero.
  • Benjamin Thanks the committee, members and wider community for help during the year and hopes for a better 2020. Peter moves a MOTION to thank Benjamin and Alastair seconds it. All Yes.
  1. Meeting Close at 8:25 PM.
  • Food/Drinks supplied, we had soft drink and pizza’s :-)