Perth Linux Users Group – Annual General Meeting 2018 – Minutes

The Perth Linux Users Group Annual General Meeting held at at 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth CBD on Tuesday 13th March 2018 at 7:20 PM.

0: Opening: 1920

Members present:

  • Paul (2017 Vice President)
  • Peter Lyons (2017 Treasurer)
  • Nick Bannon (2017 Secretary, AGM Chair)
  • Margaret Wood (2017 OCM)
  • Dean Bergin (2017 OCM)
  • Ivan Fetwadjieff
  • James Henstridge
  • Harry McNally
  • Kieran Mesquita
  • Alastair Irvine


  • Benjamin Arntzen (2017 President) - arrived during the meeting.
  • Michael Van Delft (2017 OCM)

1: Confirmation of Minutes of the 2017 AGM

Nick Bannon proposed the minutes sent to the mailing list were true and correct. Margaret Wood seconded the proposal.

DISCUSSION: Some updates were made and reviewed by the members currently present.5Peter Lyons: noted that an attendance list was missing from the 2017 AGM minutes and would like it included from here on in.

VOTING: 6 people said yes 4 people abstain due to not attending the 2017 AGM


2. Committee Reports (including accounts):

Benjamin (2017 President) has sent his apologies tonight, due to a family emergency.

Paul (2017 Vice President) will say a few words

Financial membership is down, 20 financial members as of today, from approximately 30 this time last year.

[Kieran leaves at 1936]

Treasurer’s Report 2017 from Peter Lyons End of 2017 Current assets: $3924.57 in liquid cash: bank balance, cash at hand (cashbox), prepaid debit card.

Nick just mentioned a few informal things about the secretaries findings. Margaret’s excellent work for work on writing the new constitution. PLUG could use help with the sub committee for AV, Server Admin and related.

3. Election of 2018 Committee

Returning officer will be Alastair Irvine.


  • President:

    • Nominated: Benjamin Arntzen
    • Benjamin Arntzen is elected as 2018 PLUG President/Chairperson
  • Vice-President:

    • Benjamin Arntzen - now moot, due to election
    • Paul nominates himself from the floor
    • Nick Bannon nominates himself from the floor
    • Nick Bannon: elected on a show of hands as 2018 PLUG Vice President/Chairperson
  • Treasurer:

    • Peter Lyons is elected as 2018 PLUG Treasurer.
  • Secretary:

    • Call for nominations from the floor
    • Paul nominated by Alastair from the floor
    • Paul is elected as 2018 PLUG Secretary
  • OCM (Ordinary Committee Member):

    • Nominated: Margaret Wood
    • Call for nominations from the floor
    • Dean Bergin nominates himself from the floor
    • James Henstridge nominates himself from the floor
    • Margaret Wood, Dean Bergin, James Henstridge are elected unopposed as 2018 PLUG Committee Members

We present the 2018 Committee:

  • Chairperson: Benjamin Arntzen
  • Vice-Chairperson: Nick Bannon
  • Treasurer: Peter Lyons
  • Secretary: Paul
  • Ordinary Committee Members: Margaret Wood, Dean Bergin, James Henstridge

4. General Business

4.1 Special Resolution

“That the proposed Perth Linux Users Group Constitution, as circulated to members prior to this meeting, be adopted.”

DISCUSSION as follows:

New WA Associations Act 2015

A emphasis on fiduciary responsibility. PLUG is the lowest tier 1, of 3 tiers, due to its turnover being under $250000 per annum.

Benjamin Arntzen arrives and chairs the meeting at 2045

Call for votes: 10 votes yes (unanimous)

Alastair recommend to replace “himself or herself” in the constitution with “themself”, was happy to suggest we change it at a future general meeting.

5. Other Business

Alastair recommends we RMA the faulty numato hdmi2usb unit we purchased in 2016? Recommend task to be considered by 2018 committee.

Alastair puts himself forward for any paid work which the committee deems necessary for any work to infrastructure. Ie AWS reserved instance and possibly SALT Benjamin said we should discuss with the committee first. Move technical discussion to another time.

In relation to membership, is it worth plug looking at student membership recruitment. Similarly we did with students from ECU with William.

Approach some of the Linux distribution vendors, ie corporate membership and or sponsor.

Also regarding some cross events with ITPA.

Alastair is happy to be invited to talk on a particular topic if available at committee meetings. Benjamin has proposed a goal of, by mid-year (2018-08), completing the following projects: New website online AWS infrastructure in a “long-term” state (whether rebuilt or ported) Fully functional AV, doesn’t have to be perfect Backup current servers !!

6. Meeting Close

Closed at 21:27 by Paul