Perth Linux Users Group – Annual General Meeting 2017 – Minutes

Held at 45 St Georges Terrace Perth CBD. on Tuesday 10th of January 2017 at 7:30 PM

0. Opening

Paul opened the meeting at 19:35

1. Confirmation of Minutes of the 2016 AGM

Paul proposed the minutes sent to the mailing list were true and correct.

Michael Van Delft seconded the minutes.

2. Committee Reports (including accounts)

Played Video from William Termini

Paul made president’s address, spoke about the events that we have run over the year.

There were ten main meeting / talks, the AGM and the end of year barbeque

There were 33 members (paid and current)

Every 3 months we have a PLUG in the PUB. There was discussion that the Moon and Sixpence will be closing soon. Durty Nelly’s was suggested as a possible replacement.

Peter Lyons presented the Treasurer’s Report:

  • Position at the end of 2016:
    • Current Assets $4,479.40
    • Current Liabilities $0.00
    • Revenue $711.63
    • Expenditure $1,295.81
    • Net Outgoings ($584.18)

Nick Bannon mentioned that there were organisations that would give out grants such as IIA and LotteryWest.

3. Election of 2017 Committee

  • President
    • Benjamin Arntzen
  • Vice President
    • Paul
  • Secretary
    • Nick Bannon
  • Treasurer
    • Peter Lyons
  • Ordinary Committee Members
    • Margaret Wood
    • Dean Bergin
    • Michael Van Delft

4. General Business

There was discussion about changing the AWS instance to a cheaper instance type. It is currently too old to change (it’s PVM not HVM)

There was also discussion about the need for a refresh of the AV kit.

5. Meeting Close

Paul closed the meeting at 20:10