Perth Linux Users Group - Annual General Meeting 2016 - Minutes

Held at 45 St Georges Terrace Perth CBD. on Tuesday 12th of January 2016 at 7:00 PM

0. Opening

Meeting Opened by Michael V at 7:15 PM

16 Paid members at meeting = 16 (Margaret W, David M, Adam F, Dan B, William T, Benjamin A, James B, Craig H, Babfemi O, Michael V, Hannah S, Andrew C, Paul, James H, Paul G, Peter L, Robert W, Ican F, Mesc F, Nick B)

1. Confirmation of Minutes of 2015 AGM minutes

Moved by Peter L seconded by Andrew C. Confirmed with no objections.

2. Committee Reports (including accounts)

  • President’s Report (Michael V)
  • Financial Report (Peter L)
  • New debit card handed to treasurer
  • Membership Report(Paul D)
    • Up last quarter of 2016
    • Welcome three new members to the group
  • Thanking Nick, Leon and Michael for WAIA (now known as the Internet Association of Australia: ) AV work
  • Need to renew Spacecubed sponsorship agreement

3. Election of 2016 Committee

James B was appointed returning officer for the election

  • President
    • William Termini
  • Vice
    • Paul
  • Secretary
    • Michael Van Delft
  • Treasurer
    • Peter Lyons
  • Ordinary Committee Members
    • Margaret Wood
    • David Maxwell
    • James Henstridge

We would like to welcome the new 2016 committee.

For the record we authorise the new President, Vice, Secretary, Treasurer above to be added to Bendigo Banking including online banking and the token generator to approve payments.

4. General Business

  • Acknowledge anniversary of passing of Aaron Swartz
  • Acknowledge passing of Ian Murdock - Debian
  • More talks and social media work needed
  • Need to revisit/update constitution due to possible changes in government requirements.
  • We would like to thank the outgoing 2015 committee

5. Meeting Close

Meeting closed by Michael at 7:55 PM

6. Lightning Talk


7. Food/Drink

Thanking you Paul Del, PLUG Secretary 2015