Minutes of the PLUG Annual General Meeting 2011 held on Tuesday, 12th January 2011 from 7:30pm at ‘Futuresphere’, Christ Church Grammar School, Queenslea Drive, Claremont

Members present: Peter Lyons (Secretary) Alastair Irvine Daniel Axtens Andrew Greig Jason Nicholls Mark Gaynor Jim Leven Arie Hol Garry Buckle Daniel Beard Harry McNally Juan J. Garcia Elena Aza Daniel J. Harmsworth Nick Bannon (Chair) Scott Percival James Bromberger Nico Hessler

Members attending via proxy: Patrick Coleman Lance Duivenbode Tim White

Meeting opened Tuesday January 12th 2011 at 8pm by Nick Bannon.

President’s Report Jason Nicholls read the email containing Tim White’s report.

Treasurer’s Report The clubs funds were reported to be $4547.14 Sole expenses in the year were $34 spent on pizza for the 2010 AGM.

Motion: That standing orders be suspended Moved: Daniel Axtens; Seconded: Peter Lyons; Passed without dissent.

Standing orders suspended. Daniel Axtens appointed returning officer.

Election of President James Bromberger nominated himself, seconded by Nick Bannon.

No further nominations.

James Bromberger elected President unopposed.

Election of Vice President Nick Bannon nominated by James Bromberger, seconded by Harry McNally.

No further nominations.

Nick Bannon elected Vice President unopposed.

Election of Treasurer Mark Gaynor nominated himself, seconded by Jason Nicholls.

No further nominations.

Mark Gaynor elected Treasurer unopposed.

Election of Secretary Peter Lyons nominated Alastair Irvine, seconded by Mark Gaynor.

No further nominations.

Peter Lyons elected Secretary unopposed.

Election of Ordinary Committee Members Jason Nicholls nominated by James Bromberger, seconded by Mark Gaynor. Alastair Irivine nominated by Mark Gaynor, seconded by James Bromberger. Patrick Coleman nominated by Alastair Irvine, seconded by Mark Gaynor.

Motion: That three Ordinary Committee Members be elected
	Moved: Gary Buckle; Seconded James Bromberger; Passed

Motion: That a fourth Ordinary Committee Members be elected
	Moved: Alastair Irvine; Seconded Harry McNally; Passed

Alastair Irvine nominated Tim White, Seconded James Bromberger.

No further nominations.

Jason Nicholls, Alastair Irvine, Patrick Coleman and Tim White were
accepted onto the committee as Ordinary Committee Members.

Standing orders resumed.

Meeting closed at 8:31pm to reopen as General Meeting.

Meeting reopened at 8:31pm by James Bromberger who took the chair.

James Bromberger made some opening remarks: * PLUG had been quietening down * looking to revitalize club * plenty of funds available for activities * club needs interesting/exciting events * constitutional changes greatly needed but can be difficult process * EGM next week

Other Business: James noted that flooding in Queensland would likely effect next week’s LCA and it might be proper for PLUG to send a message of support.

During a brief discussion of other positions, it was decided to appoint
a Librarian but share Talks Coordinator position among the committee.

Nick asked who was going to LCA: himself, Alastair and
Daniel Harmsworth.

Nick Bannon took the chair while James Bromberger fetched pizza for the

Motion: That Lance Duivenbode be appointed Librarian
	Moved: Peter Lyons; Seconded Peter Lyons; Passed Unopposed.

Harry NcNally commented that with 340 mailing list members versus
financial members that it might be useful to ensure that electronic
membership renewal is fully setup and call for renewals via the list.

Daniel Beard suggested a subtle indicator of membership status in
mailing list posts.

Alastair suggested easy to add automatic footer with news info.

Nick noted the presence of a new club website utilizing Drupal.

Alastair noted the need to refine a list of membership benefits and
place it on the website, eg: list those working on open source projects.

James called for any ideas to be sent to the committee.
	Nick: events of note, particularly speakers
	James: especially friends, overseas visitors

Harry noted the absence of workshops and asked about feasibility.

Daniel Harmsworth said that the Artifactory can offer us of its large
working space in Osborne Park (Guthrie St). He gave a brief overview
of what the Artifactory is and the facilities it has. And offered to
act as liason for PLUG.

It was noted that there should be a vote of thanks to CCGS for the
use of their space, and that a letter should be sent.

It was also suggested that the Artifactory could serve as a venue
for an Installfest.

Meeting closed at 8:52pm