Summary for the impatient

The new PLUG committee for 2009 is:

  • President: Patrick Coleman
  • Vice President: Adon Metcalfe
  • Secretary: Nick Sandford
  • Treasurer: Mark Gaynor
  • Ordinary Committee Members: Tim White, Phillip V, David L, Jason N and Peter L

Non-committee positions (additions only since 2008):

  • Librarian: Lance Duivenbode
  • List masters: Alastair Irvine, Ian Kent, Ritchie Young
  • Web masters: Mark Gaynor, Ian Kent, Jason Nicholls, Ritchie Young, Msquared
  • Talks coordinator: Patrick Coleman, assisted by Alastair Irvine

Full Minutes

Meeting opened at 20:00.

Members present included:

  • Adrian Woodley
  • Phillip Verschure
  • Nick Bannon
  • Harry McNally
  • Patrick Coleman
  • Adon Metcalf
  • Mark Gaynor
  • Ritchie Young
  • Garry Buckle
  • George Backlund
  • Tim White
  • Peter Lyons
  • David Lloyd
  • David Anderson
  • Oscar Brown
  • Msquared
  • Alistair Irvine

Motion: that the minutes of the previous AGM be accepted
Moved: Mark G; Seconded: Tim W; Passed

Presidents Report

A large donation of money and equipment has been made by Computer Angels - ~$2000 and gear. We need to decide what we want to do with it. The original plan was PLUG members -> UCC -> wider community; this hasn't been implemented yet. Suggest the new committee does so.

We also submitted a bid for LCA, which was not accepted - Wellington will be holding LCA in 2010. We intend to submit same (or improved) bid next year, if people are happy to assist.

Treasurer's Report

  • Spent $387
  • Balance $4105
  • Need to think of ideas to spend money - PLUG doesn't exist to hoard cash. Suggestions welcome.

20:20 - Adon Metcalfe arrived


Decision was made year before last to end running workshops. There is no problem with running them in the future, if someone will step up and volunteer to schedule and organise them. Volunteers please contact committee.

Subscription to Ubuntu Ship-it

Motion that PLUG subscribe to the Ubuntu Shippit service
Moved: Alastair Irvine; Seconded: Nick Bannon; Passed

Unpaid Members

Question raised about what to be done regarding unpaid members. Meeting resolved to pass this onto the new committee.

Motion: That standing orders be suspended
Moved: Patrick C; Seconded: Adon M; Passed

Standing orders suspended. Harry M appointed returning officer.

Committee Election

  • Patrick C nominated himself, seconded Adon M.

No further nominations.

Patrick C elected President unopposed.

Vice President
  • Adon M nominated by Patrick C, seconded Adrian W.

No further nominations.

Adon M elected Vice-President unopposed.

  • Nick S nominated by Patrick C, seconded Adon M.

No further nominations.

Nick S elected Secretary unopposed.

  • Mark G nominated himself, seconded Patrick C.

No further nominations.

Mark G elected Treasurer unopposed.

Ordinary Committee Members

The following members were accepted onto the committee as OCMs:

  • Tim W
  • Phillip V
  • David L
  • Jason N
  • Peter L

Standing orders resumed.

Meeting closed at 20:30.