Summary for the impatient

The new PLUG committee for 2008 is:

  • President: Patrick Coleman
  • Vice President: Adon Metcalfe
  • Secretary: Ian Kent
  • Treasurer: Mark Gaynor
  • Ordinary Committee Members: Jason Nicholls, Adrian Woodley, Ritchie Young

Non-committee positions:

  • Librarian: Lance Duivenbode
  • List masters: Alastair Irvine, Ian Kent, Ritchie Young
  • Web masters: Mark Gaynor, Ian Kent, Jason Nicholls, Ritchie Young
  • Talks coordinator: Patrick Coleman, assisted by Alastair Irvine

Full Minutes

Members present included:

  • Daniel Axtens
  • George Backlund
  • Daniel Beard
  • Nick Bannon
  • Adam Chambost
  • Patrick Coleman
  • Innis Cunningham
  • Mark Gaynor
  • Alastair Irvine
  • Joel Johnson
  • Ian Kent
  • Adon Metcalfe
  • John McCabe-Dansted
  • Jason Nicholls
  • Nick Warren
  • Adrian Woodley
  • Ritchie Young

Meeting opened at 21:25 PM.

Mark Gaynor moves to accept the minutes of the last meeting. Ian Kent seconds. Passed.

Patrick Coleman gives his State of Union address: PLUG is being built back up, and working relationships with WASP and CCGS are being developed.

Mark gives Treasurer's report:

  • $2300 in bank
  • Outgoing for SSL cert - $200
  • Other spending - $100

Progress on the PO Box queried.

Daniel Axtens moves that the be committee dissolved. Patrick Coleman seconds. Passed.

Daniel Axtens and Nick Bannon appointed returning officers.

President: Patrick Coleman nominated by Mark Gaynor. Ian Kent seconds. Accepted. Elected unopposed.

Vice President: Adon Metcalfe nominated by Patrick Coleman. Mark Gaynor seconds. Accepted. Elected unopposed.

Treasurer: Mark Gaynor nominated by Daniel Axtens. Ian Kent seconds. Accepted. Elected unopposed.

Secretary: Ian Kent nominates self as secretary. Patrick Coleman seconds. Accepted. Elected unopposed.


  • Jason Nicholls nominated by Mark Gaynor. Ian Kent seconds. Accepted.
  • Ritchie Young nominated by Mark Gaynor. Patrick Coleman seconds. Accepted.
  • Adrian Woodley nominated by Mark Gaynor. Patrick Coleman seconds. Accepted.

Patrick Coleman moves to increase the number of OCMs to 3. Ian Kent seconds. Passed.

3 people to fill 3 vacancies; Jason Nicholls, Ritchie Young and Adrian Woodley are elected as OCMs.

AGM closed at 21:42 PM. General meeting opened.

Library Volunteer: the meeting confirmed the appointment on the mailing list.

Talk coordinator: Patrick Coleman continues, with Alastair Irvine assisting.

Webmasters: Mark Gaynor, Ian Kent, Jason Nicholls, Ritchie Young volunteer.

Listmaster: Ritchie Young, Alastair Irvine, Ian Kent volunteer. Patrick Coleman mentions his desire to form a group interested in helping bid for LCA in 2010 - any bid would be November this year. Message will go to list.

Server from LA queried by Jason Nicholls: Patrick Coleman updates meeting to current status. Discussion about Xen servers, migration, DyDNS servers and other possible options.

Linux in the community: Installfests and workshops: should they, and how should they happen? Committee to look into this, and possible use of WASP facilities.

Innis Cunningham moves to thank the previous committee for the seminars done in 2007. Joel Johnson seconds. Passed unanimously.

Patrick Coleman declares General Meeting closed at 22:11 PM.