Summary for the impatient

The new PLUG committee for 2007 is:

  • President: Ian Kent
  • Vice President: Patrick Coleman
  • Secretary: Daniel Axtens
  • Treasurer: Mark Gaynor
  • Ordinary Committee Members: To be appointed on-list

Non-committee positions:

  • Librarian: Ken Muir-Hunt
  • List masters: Unchanged
  • Web masters: Unchanged
  • Talks coordinator: Alastair Irvine

Full Minutes

Meeting opened Mon Jan 29 20:17 2007

Members present included:

  • Bruce Axtens
  • Daniel Axtens
  • Tim Bowden
  • Patrick Coleman
  • Innis Cunningham
  • Mark Gaynor
  • Ian Kent
  • John McCabe-Dansted
  • Harry McNally
  • Ken Muir-Hunt

President's report:

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer's report:

  • PLUG is in a solid financial position.
  • Financial membership is a little down
  • Current funds about $1600

Moved by Daniel Axtens to accept the minutes of the last meeting. Seconded by Ian Kent. Carried unanimously.

Librarian's Report:

  • No inquiries about borrowing resources in the last year.
  • Two people have volunteered to take over.
  • Suggested reducing volume of old CDs.

Secretary's report:

  • Very quiet year for PLUG
  • Challenges for PLUG in the new year include finding a seminar venue, and finding UCC members to book/close our workshop venue.
  • Tim Bowden raised the possibility of PLUG paying for UCC memberships of committee members.

Committee Vacated - Elections begin

Daniel Axtens nominated by Mark Gaynor. Seconded by Ian Kent. Accepted

Daniel Axtens elected Secretary unopposed.

Mark Gaynor nominated by Daniel Axtens. Seconded by Ian Kent. Accepted

Mark Gaynor elected Treasurer unopposed.

Vice President:

Patrick Coleman nominated by Mark Gaynor. Seconded by Ian Kent. Accepted

Patrick Coleman elected Vice President unopposed.

Ian Kent nominated by self. Seconded by Mark Gaynor. Accepted

Ian Kent elected President unopposed.

Ordinary Committee Members:
Moved appointments of OCMs and librarian to PLUG mailing list and IRC.

Committee filled - elections end.

General Business:


AGM closed Mon Jan 29 20:36 2007

PLUG Meeting opened.

Volunteer (non-committee) positions for 2006:

  • Librarian: Ken Muir-Hunt mentions that 2 people have approached him to take over the library. To be sorted out on-list.
  • Talks coordinator, listmasters and webmaster/webslaves: No change.

Other Business discussed:

  • Tim Bowden raises possibility of running another in Perth. Fair amount of interest expressed. PLUG to work towards a critical mass of people to plan and run this.
  • Informal Lightning Talks - possible drop-in replacement for months were speakers cannot be found.
  • Seminar Venue - Will approach some universities - UWA, Curtin, possibly others - central location desirable. PLUG may need to purchase own Data Projector. Possibly have more than 1 possible venue. Should also approach some companies - HP, IBM, possibly others. Change of time mooted. Discussion moved to list.
  • Daniel Axtens asks about the recording equipment - current location unknown.

PLUG meeting closed Mon Jan 29 20:58 2007