>Summary for the impatient

the 2005 committee are:

  • President: Cameron Patrick
  • Vice President: Marcus Giles
  • Secretary: Bernard Blackham
  • Treasurer: Mark Gaynor
  • Ordinary Committee Members: Tim White, Ryan Smith, Greg Macham

Unofficial PLUG roles are:

  • Librarian: Nick Bannon, with assistance from James Devenish
  • Talks coordinator: Cameron and Bernard are willing to help but further volunteers would be appreciated.
  • Web masters: Cameron Patrick and Mark Gaynor
  • List masters: Tim White, Cameron Patrick, James Devenish, Craig Ringer

Annual General Meeting opened Mon Jan 24 19:45:34 WST 2005

Cameron Patrick takes minutes.

People present include Nick Bannon, Innis Cunningham, Arie Hol, Mark Gaynor, John Serventy, Garry Buckle, Tim White, Milan Pospisil, Marcus Giles, Harry McNally, Joel Johnson, James Devenish, Ryan Smith, Bernard Blackham, Cameron Patrick and Greg Macham.

Apologies from Leon Brooks and Bernd Felsche.

Welcome/agenda - Bernard Blackham

State of the union - Bernard Blackham

  • big list of stuff we've done (bank account, associations act compliance, membership cards, PO box, new machines/hosting, web site, membership database, box of tricks, installfest, talks)

Treasurer's report (Mark Gaynor)

  • We have over 100 members
PLUG cash:
- Bank account$1802.80
- Cash in hand$398.60
- Total$2201.40
Expenditure still to be paid:
- Cable kit$-479.00
- Membership subsidy$-50.00
- Expenses (Bernard)$-45.00
- Total$-574.00
Throughout the year:
- Debian Source DVD$-15.00
- Installfest (out)$-232.60
- Installfest (in)$84.00
Account balance:$1495.75

Harry Mac volunteered as returning officer

Current committee vacated

Leon nominates Bernard for President. Seconded by Cameron. Declined.
Bernard nominates Cameron for Pres. Harry Mac seconds. Accepted.
Elected unopposed, Cameron Patrick is President.

Mark G nominates LeonB for Vice Pres. Bernard seconds. Accepted.
Bernard nominates Marcus for VP. Harry Mac seconds. Accepted.
Voted upon. Marcus Giles is Vice President.

Cameron nominates James Devenish for Secretary. Declined.
Leon nominates Clare for Secretary. Declined.

Bernard nominates Harry Mac as Sec’y. Declined.
Bernard nominates himself as Sec’y. Cameron seconds. Accepted.
Elected unopposed. Bernard Blackham is Secretary.

Bernard nominates MarkG as Treasurer. Harry Mac seconds. Accepted.
Elected unopposed. Mark Gaynor is Treasurer.

Leon nominates Cameron for OCM. Already Pres.
Leon nominates Tim White for OCM. Seconded by Bernard. Accepted.
Leon nominates Brad Campbell for OCM. Declined due to lack of airfares.
Leon nominates Bernd for OCM. Declined due to lack of airfares.
Cameron nominates Ryan Smith for OCM. Seconded by Mark G. Accepted.

Bernard nominates Greg for OCM. Seconded by Harry Mac. Accepted.
Bernard nominates Leon for OCM. Seconded by Harry Mac. Accepted.

Bernard proposes motion to increase committee to seven. Harry Mac seconds. Carried unanimously.

Four people have been nominated for OCM, to fill three positions. Voted upon.

Ordinary committee members are Tim White, Ryan Smith, Greg Macham.

Elections are over.

General business: none.

Annual General Meeting closed at Mon Jan 24 20:11:32 WST 2005

PLUG meeting begins

Bernard: some positions which are not committee positions and not voted at the AGM need to be filled. These are:

  • Librarian: Nick willing to do it again. Wants someone else to volunteer. James willing to be an assistant librarian. Cameron intends to keep intending to help.
  • Talks coordinator: Cameron, Bernard, willing to help. Ask for volunteers on the list. Harry willing to drop in and offer ideas.
  • Web masters: Cameron, Mark again.
  • List masters: Tim White joins; likewise Cameron. Along with James/Craig.

PLUG meeting closed at Mon Jan 24 20:36:14 WST 2005