The Perth Linux User Group (PLUG) Annual General Meeting was held Tuesday 10 February, 2004 at the normal Tuesday meeting place, Perth Central TAFE in Northbridge.

Present were:-

  • Vice President - Bernard Blackham
  • Secretary - Mark Gaynor
  • OCM - Clare Johnstone
  • OCM - Leon Brooks
  • and twenty plus, general members.

Apologies received from:-

  • President - Tony Breeds
  • Treasurer - Mark Tearle

The meeting was officially opened at 1950Hrs with the Vice President (Bernard Blackham) welcoming everyone to the Perth Linux User Group Annual General Meeting for 2003/4.

The President, Tony Breeds, had resigned his position in December 2003 after moving to our Nation's Capital, Canberra. Bernard Blackham delivered the "State of the Union Address" in Tony's absence. Bernard also acknowledged the outgoing committee and thanked them for their time and effort.

Harry McNally volunteered to be returning officer for the meeting. There was no objection, so Harry set the procedure the meeting would follow to nominate and vote for all the positions.

There were no written nominations lodged before the meeting, so all committee positions were then declared vacant and nominations to fill these positions were called for, seconded and voted on.

Where more than one person was nominated, the nominees were asked to briefly address the meeting to put their views forward for that position. A vote then followed and the position filled by popular vote.

Positions where there was only one nominee, that position was declared filled unopposed and no vote was recorded.

The new committee:-

  • President - Bernard Blackham
  • Vice-President - Leon Brooks
  • Treasurer - Mark Gaynor
  • Secretary - Clare Johnstone
  • OCM - Adrian Woodley
  • OCM - Cameron Patrick

Other roles that were filled (not a committee position)

  • Talks co-ordinator - Craig Abernethie
  • Librarian - Nick Bannon
  • Web Masters - James Devenish, Cameron Patrick and Mark Gaynor

Following the election of committee members, Harry handed the meeting over to the new President, Bernard Blackham, who welcomed the new committee then continued with the meeting agenda.

General business:-

The bank account:-
It was resolved that the committee would deal with the problem of transferring the PLUG funds to another club friendly bank or building society as a matter of urgency.

Membership Cards:-
A discussion followed. It was pointed out that a design had already been presented and reference could possibly be found on the mailing list. Cameron volunteered to search the PLUG mailing list and post the results to the list for discussion and a decision. The committee would take the final design and get it professionally printed. It is hoped, if possible, these would be available by the February UCC or the March TAFE meeting.

The meeting was closed at 2020Hrs.



Secretary PLUG 2003
Mark J Gaynor