Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 14:32:14 +0800 (WST) From: “Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima” To: “P.L.U.G.” Subject: [plug] AGM last night

Hi everyone, FOr those of you that couldn’t make it along last night here is a summary of what happend. Note these are note minutes per se.

A special thanks the the annonymous author!

35/36 attendees (4/5 Fem) Apologies Harry and Jacqueline McNally Bret and Anne Busby Trevor Phillips if we forgot you I’m sorry

Summary of the last 12months :) Done: Purchased a laminator (m/ship cards) Barcode chat.. = discounts ? Conference. BIG SUCCESS :)

Todo: Bank Account Logo finalization (voting on site etc) Find a perm home for PLUG meetings (TAFE ?) Move web/home dir functions from spark to XBOX :) Put more things about the committee on the web pages

(NB You should all give the wonderfull MissKim a short bio on yourselves so I can put that on the linmag pages too ) :)

Financials $250 odd, filled under M

Mailing list stats 150-200 members 40 odd paid up members of PLUG :(

Thanks to LinuxIT (Plug servers) Jason Nicholls (Hardware donation)

Voting outcome:

Pres: Tony Breeds-Taurima Vice: Bernard Sec: Mark Gaynor Treas: Mark Tearle OCM: Leon & Clare

The 3 non-committee positions will be filled within a month. Sofar we have several volenteers. More details on this shortly.

General Business: Suggestions: Regular Installfests (quarterly) Leon - incl. demo systesm Workshops (Including manual/handbook) Zillah - so when people lave they know what they have. Fundraising MissKim Monthly meetings - demonstations Craig Web : More about PLUG/Committee - perhaps make static pages exists outside the NUKE framework.

Yours Tony.