date: 11th December 2001 prez: matt kemner vice: jason nicholls secy/tres: tony breeds-taurima member/librarian: daniel beard Motion to increase committee to five.(moved leon brooks 2nded jason nicholls) - CARRIED. member: james bromberger (moved leon brooks 2nded jason nicholls) No other proposals, all seconded.

Tony B-T: TAFE - educational membership incl lecture theatre w/facilities PLUG has $600

LCA2003 - ending skyshow (sat 26jan2003) day

  • meetings at Blue Duck on 1st Sun of each month 9AM

James B: LCA2002 - 5/6 going now due 1st week Feb 2002

  • rego opened today
  • $220 incl $50 conf dinner
  • 10 ppl cheaper airfares, 10% cheaper conf rego
  • 6 Feb 2002
  • incl Debian conf 3feb
  • testimonies
  • lots of important Debian fellas
  • SE linux, LILO, etc

Jason N: Testimonial - tech conf

  • many bigwigs: alan cox, dave miller, rusty russell, john hall, rasterman etc
  • linuxcare
  • worth going


  • gummint to sponsor
  • darryl Ind & Tech
  • wayne other contacts
  • bret? dept of premier
  • videos for LCA2002
  • holidays tacked on (naturebase)
  • (wine) tours

Tony B-T: Thanks - Christian (boardroom)

  • Tennyson Group (premises)
  • Skribe (rebuilding website)
  • Matt & Chris from LinuxWA (spark and hosting)

Skribe: 50,000th website hit today Library catalogue is written and will be online soon.