This year an excitable group of PLUGgers interested in proselytising software freedom to the wider community are throwing an awesome event for Software Freedom Day.

A recent survey taken at a local coffee shop in Western Australia revealed a massive 100% of participants did not understand what Linux was. The survey also showed a 100% lack of understanding of the difference between free software and open source.

Free software and open source software are two distinct community movements to provide freedom to computer users. Both movements agree that computer users should have the freedom to:

  • use the software for any purpose,
  • study the software and modify it to suit their needs,
  • distribute copies, either gratis or for a fee, and
  • distribute modified copies to help their community

The free software movement cite ethical benefits, such as the freedom to control your computing. The open source movement cite practical benefits, such as security. While these movements differ in philosophy, they work happily together.

“Free software” refers to freedom, not price. It is perfectly acceptable to sell copies of free software. Importantly, when distributing free software, the freedoms you received must also be passed on to the recipient.

Its not always easy to explain concepts like free software and open source, but it’s important that it happens. Which is why events like Software Freedom Day are so important.

To help introduce software freedom to the community we are aiming to provide a Software Freedom Day full of interesting talks and workshops dealing with free and open source tools and projects that are cool, hip and appealing. Things like Pimping your car, Home Automation, Content and Website Management Systems, Privacy and Anonymity, 3D printing, Office Software, Web Development and Arduino Drones!!

Businesses often are unaware that switching to Free Software and Open Source increases productivity and user satisfaction whilst cutting down software licensing by at least 70%. Running a business on Free Software and Open Source can also ensure that businesses don’t miss out on innovative industry and community developments.

So does this sound like something you may be interested in? Great! If you would like to come along as a Speaker, Volunteer, Audience member or something else, than head to to find out more.

By Paul Del Fante, Euan de Kock and Luke John with some content taken from [taken from ]