January 2008

Web Content Delivery, 2007 style, presented by Adrian Chadd

February 2008

iSCSI: It’s not a Mac, presented by Patrick Coleman

March 2008

Linux Filesystem Internals, presented by Ian Kent

April 2008

WPAD for chumps, presented by Adon Metcalfe

May 2008

LDAP for Popular People and Sysadmins, presented by Ritchie Young

June 2008

Making Emacs your bit^H^H^H preferred editor and IDE, presented by Alastair Irvine

July 2008

User security on shared hosting and shell servers, presented by David Adam

September 2008

All the wonders of LDAP revealed!!! (Eggs and all major vegetables accepted.), presented by Adrian Woodley

October 2008

LTSP for fun and profit, presented by Adon Metcalfe

November 2008

A look at Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, Virt-Manager, KVM, VirtIO, FreeNAS and OpenArena, presented by Adrian Woodley

December 2008

The Eeepc: tips and tricks, presented by John McCabe-Dansted