March 2004

Bernard Blackham on “Cool Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do With PostgreSQL”

April 2004

Nick Bannon, Clare Johnstone and Cameron Patrick on 2004

May 2004

Craig Ringer on “Generating quality PDF reports using Python and ReportLab”

June 2004

Leon Brooks on “Playing with Ruby-SDL”

July 2004

Bernard Blackham on “Linux, Laptops and Life”

August 2004

James Levin, Bernard Blackham and Michal Wirski presenting a post-Installfest introduction to Linux

September 2004

Cameron Patrick on “Shell scripting: why, how and what not to do”

October 2004

Acure Technology presenting a Novell Linux Desktop show-off session

November 2004

Jeremy Malcolm presenting “Splinters of a Fragmented Mind: Law, Cross-Platform Development, LDAP and Doctor Who”